2018 Yilan Chair Design Competition | 2015 Yilan Chair Design Competition Awards
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Hive Fun

[ Gold Award ]


In Taiwan, the only one bee museum is in Yilan, called “Bee Farmer.” Getting along with bees, respecting the Nature, being friendly to the environment, and being caring for life, which reflects their attitude toward Yilan’s farming.As a big honeycomb, Kids can sit on “Hive Fun” to take a rest, and play with the little bee toys which put in “Hive Fun” to have different types of fun.


Designer: Mao-Jun Ren


[ Silver Award ]


Because of the landscape of Yilan and the form of the three-way mountain-surrounding to make the beautiful scene and culture of it.”Hug” presents the form of the three-way mountain-surrounding view via the concept of spiraling tree branches. Its concept comes from the aerial scenery of Yilan. In the center, it utilizes a soft green pad to symbolize the green area nurtured by the fertile land and its lateral happens to be a dense forest. Once children take a ride on it, they will feel like they were sitting in the actual mountains and the mountains would safeguard and accompany them along their path of growing up!


Designer: Yi-Wen Su,Yen-Wei Chang

Yilan Lion

[ Bronze Award ]


“Yilan Lion” is a stool that people can sit and play. It is not
only a doll, but a decoration. As long as we imagine, it can transform to anything. By playing it in daily life, we can make children connect with the traditional skill- “Lion Dance.”With the combination of martial arts and lion posture, the Lion dance in Yilan has been developing over a hundred year. Now in Yilan, from the government to all schools, with their endeavors, lion dance teams are all authentic and unique. Hopefully, under these kinds of circumstances, it can inspired more people to “LION.”


Designer: Cheng-Ta Wu, Chun-Hsien Wang


[ Excellent Work ]


In addition to the main part of the rider other than shaking on both sides as well as accommodating the wings (puzzle) of space, but also can be used as a place for children stampede, children at play can be more secure, the middle portion is provided with drawers can be placed other small toys. This work was inspired by the waterfowl sanctuary.Rocking chair makes children feel like the waterfowl playing in the water while riding on it. The colorful wings can make children associate with different kinds of colors of waterfowl.


Designer: Ying-Chen Chen


[ Excellent Work ]


Guishan Island is classified as a military area. In 2000, the government promoted tourism, its mysterious veil once revealed. Riding the boat with the wind and waves, and the sea sparkling are the common beautiful sceneries people can see.” WOWATER” is the design of bionic turtle Images. When seating on it, its structure under the chair surface will make people feel shaking, and thus people can experience the shaking as if they are riding a boat. Through 360-degree rotating, the seat cushion makes the scenery panoramic. The wave image of the design makes children feel like they are on the sea while sitting on it.


Designer: Chung-Jung Wu

Eating in Yilan

[ Excellent Work ]


Because of limiting resources, living in Yilan hundred years ago was very hard. Dishes with chicken was rare, they were only served at Chinese New Year. During Chinese New Year, chicken soup was always left because people only ate chicken. The smart residents of Yilan transformed this waste ingredient into a delicious cuisine, which tasted totally different.
The cuisine called”Cake Residue.” Due to the cooking methods and the process of cooking, Cake Residue is cold outside but warm inside. You need to nibble at it. Our ancestors said “This cuisine is just like our personality. “Cold outside but warm inside.” Thus, I transform this personality into this chair, trying to add this specialty to the chair, and utilize materials to present the personality.


Designer: Che-Wei Chang

Chaise d’Enfant – Mon Cerf

[ Excellent Work ]


This design makes use of local wood Yilan advantages to using only wood to shape the East was a lovely shape, now full of design sense, yet childlike, is to cultivate children’s interest in reading and to increase the design, he set a rocking chair, bookshelf , reading table and coat rack features, and the use of current international public to enjoy the resources being fiery spirit,this design has the characteristic of production, transportation, easy installation. Individuals or factories, they only need to download 2D maps design documents (.dwg) to use laser cutting machine to produce and install the design.


Designer: Hong-Sheng Chen


[ Excellent Work ]


Plain and mountains are key features of Yilan, which contains rural and aboriginal society. Pigs are always important and representative economic resources in both societies, because they represent and are relevant to local cultures. The Piggy’s childlike image is used in this woodwork, of which the animal theme is always popular to kids. The creativity makes the chair to be part of kid’s play than just a stool. The drawer is designed as the body of the pig, the hemp-rope tail acts as the handle. These two distinguish features mak”Piggy” not only a chair but also an entertainment.


Designer: Chang-Chih Han

Paddy Field

[ Excellent Work ]


The design utilizes local natural materials, straws and wood. The chair reflects paddy images. Strolling along in Yilan, the natural fragrance of paddies was spread by the wind. After collecting the mature rice crops, bundles of straws lie on the field one by one, and
it recalls a memory of an early rustic childhood, in which children rolling straw balls. A bundle of fluffy straws can be a stool, which residents and visitors intuitively associate the natural materials with the beauty of Yilan. With this little stool, children can experience Yilan through touching the rice straws and wood. They can also play with the small bundle. Hoping to work evokes memories of rural countryside, but also with the children recognize the wisdom of local culture.


Designer: Tang-Ni Chien, Min-Wei Lin

Chan Hau Stool

[ Excellent Work ]


Chan Hua is an accessory for a bride, which represents the hopes and wishes from her parents, showing luxurious and luck.
Yilan is famous for its handmade Chan Hua. We keep the spirit of Chan Hua and translate the cultural language into a stool. The stool shows its strong structure and handmade temperature with the hemp threads circle around the frame. The petal-like surface of chair extends to its legs, and its firm structure is suitable for kids. Under the chair, there is a toy- storage space. Toys can be seen partly. It not only commemorates Yilan’s culture but also accompanies children intimately in life.


Designer: Dai-Jung Lee, Chia-Ming Shen

Lu Ban Chair

[ Excellent Work ]


In Yilan International Children’s Folklore and Folkgame Festival (YICF, Yilan), “game” is
one of the most important parts of the four main events. Luban was a Chinese traditional woodworking master. With removal and assembling, it makes the Luban lock a structural design. In ancient history, when carpenters taught apprentices, the Luban lock was one
of the lessons in tenon production. Nowadays, the concept can be seen in children’s educational toys to inspire children’s logical thinking. It is also a game the family can play together.


Designer: Wei-Chieh Tang

Yilan Rain

[ Judges’ Choice ]


Plentiful rainfall is a wonderful memory and impressions of all Yilan’s residents. The chair design simulates the green image which nourishes Lanyang Plain. Especially the chair surface transforms the concept of raindrops to expressing the semantic of vigorous youth and healthy growth. It shows the image of raindrops on green grassy fields. This chair design accompanies Yilan’s children with a happy image just like the raindrops patiently enhance Yilan’s richness.


Designer: Wen-Chi Yeng, Jyun-Chen Wu

Farm Chair

[ Excellent Work ]


We use the landscape of farm in Yilan as our design element, because Yilan is renowned as its beautiful landscapes. Not to mention its farms, they are wonderful sceneries on Lanyang Plain. The simple design uses CNC system to manufacture the tidy trenches which are shown in the work. Cramming green wool felts in the trench shows the image about the landscape of farm and it also softens the cushion. The process of production of wool felts is similar to the image of farmers in the paddy fields, planting and crop growing. The chair with simple shape expresses the image of beautiful paddy sceneries and the affection of farmers cultivating.


Designer: Tzu-Chian Chen, Cyuan-Yi You

Diu Diu Tong

[ Excellent Work ]


“Diu Diu Tong” comes from a famous Yilan nursery rhyme “Diu Diu Tong”, depicting the scene of a train driving through the channel. A toy chair with funny. The chair surface represents the shape of beautiful mountains in Yilan, and the arc space beneath the chair symbolizes the channel that connects Taipei and Yilan. Except for providing a cozy seat for children, the shape and the wooden train within this toy chair can be children’s toys as well. Children can take out the wooden train to play with the channel of the chair leg. Through sitting
on a toy chair, which has an undulating hill, a channel, and a wooden train, we hope that children can experience and know Yilan, where is full of mountains and rain. At the same time, realizing the history background of “Diu Diu Tong”, and thus children can feel the warmth and the affection of our home town, Yilan.


Designer: Ying-Hsuan Liu, Yu-Yun Tseng

Seedling Stool

[ Judges’ Choice ]


Lanyang Plain good rainfall since the ancient times mainly rice, while rice planting is the key to determine whether the process can successfully grow in the future; childhood on a fisherman’s also crucial to develop. Therefore, when transplanting paddy seedlings next volume, transformed into a child seat, as the children grow up, can vary according to their gaming needs. Remove the drawstring to flatten or converted into other terrain, but also show the topography of Lanyang Plain.


Designer: Yu-Chen Chiang

Swing Turtle

[ Judges’ Choice ]


By this design, we want to convey a notion that “riding” can be more entertained. The concept is derived from Guishan island of Yilan. We shaped the bottom into a sphere so that “Swing Turtle” became a rocking chair that can swing in any direction, simulating the island floating in the sea.
As a Taiwanese saying goes, “Turtle and snake guard Yilan seaport.” The “turtle”, which means Guishan island, which is the guardian of Yilan. Guishan Island is not only a landmark but a spiritual symbol of Yilan.
Our key concept comes from “guardian” of this story. With the guardian of Yilan, children can grow up safe and sound.


Designer: Hsiu-Ju, Wang Chiang-Yun, Tsai Tan-Ying, Huang

Floating Wood Chair

[ Judges’ Choice ]


“Floating Wood Chair “is inspired from the interaction between the wood and water in
the rural Yilan, trying to reuse the local logs and consider the method of the fabrication
that could make locally and use locally. Therefore, we split a log with hand tools and the technique of 3D printer into “the playful block set” which inspired by the prototype of the traditional dwellings. It is a chair for children that represent the image of the floating log in the basin and the poetry of the watery Yilan.


Designer: Cho-Cheng Li, Yi-Chen Chen

Bamboo Hat Chair

[ Judges’ Choice ]


“Bamboo Hat Chair” makes a traditional bamboo hat into an interesting chair by turning it upside down. The design allows this necessity of farmers, which protects them from sun and rain, to exist in another form and keep accompany people in their daily lives. Being different from common chairs, the space in “Bamboo Hat Chair” is the most comfortable world to children. Children can lie in this chair with the rice pillow or swing it freely. With this chair, children can not only have fun but also know more about the culture. Moreover, they can be closer to the land, and that’s what we want to convey.


Designer: Ting-Hsuan Chang


[ Judges’ Choice ]


“Rotate” is inspired by the promotion of the National Center for Traditional Arts. They put emphasis on traditional child’s play. This design is the mixture of a child’s play “bamboo dragonfly” and a chair. Generally, children can sit on “Rotate” by sitting mode; when pulling the button in the center of the chair, “Rotate” can transform into a rotated bamboo dragonfly for children to play. Through the rotation, it brings back wonderful memories of child’s play, making people enjoy the beauty of childlike Yilan. It conveys passions and rustic spirit of local Yilan between rest and movement.


Designer: Wei-Che Hsu, Li-Chun Chen, Chien-Wang Wu

Donuts Chair

[ Judges’ Choice ]


“Donuts chair” is inspired by Yilan’s famous dessert, doughnuts. The stool is combined with a music box which makes sounds whenever children use it to stroll along with their hands. The seat part is like the egg shape, which is tactual and visual, is to stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination.

Designer: Jie-Yun Liao, Wen-Jou Chang, Hui-Juan Lai


[ Judges’ Choice ]


Whale watching tour is full of unexpected surprises. By transforming this kind of happiness,
I design a chair which is useful and entertained. Sitting on it is like sitting on whales swimming around. Whale watching tour is a surprise when you travel from Yilan to Guishan Island. It is also one of the closest natural experiences to nature in life. The design is to inherit local craft culture and techniques and combined with bamboo weaving and wooden furniture.


Designer: Jia-Fong He


[ Judges’ Choice ]


“Home” is a children’s double chair that developed from Yilan’s landmark, Guishan Island.
It simplifies the outline of Guishan Island, shaping it into an easily recognizable curved line as the part of back of the chair. At the same time, the design is connected to the image of somewhere you can lean on such as a homeland or a chair. Guishan Island is the symbol of Yilan. To children who are raised in Yilan, the island represents “Home”, which is the place we can always rely on. I hope that “Home” can convey the message to the next youngsters of Yilan.


Designer: Yu-Hsiang Hao

Rain Bathes Yilan

[ Judges’ Choice ]


Ancient proverb goes: “ Hisnchu with wind,Yilan with rain,” Yilan’s rainy climate is well known, so I hope to take this work shows rain bred born Yilan meaning earth. In the form of clouds we will be reduced to cushion, while legs of chair are made as rain was born in the land, and then gave birth to a fertile land feeling, hence the name “Rain bathes Yilan” Using this one is designed to allow children at the time of travel, with patterns of association rain meaning the entire piece of land, and so they have more to learn.


Designer: Mei-Yu Tseng, Hao Liu