2018 Yilan Chair Design Competition | 2018 Yilan Chair Design Competition Awards
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Yilan Central

[ Gold Award ]


The famous toy train of Yilan is the idea behind Yilan Central. The idea evolves the curiosity, interest and fascination of kids for the locomotives. Through this concept, kids can enjoy the saddle-ride depicting the motion of a wagon. At the same time, they can topple the saddle to sit in an erect manner to enjoy task intensive toys.
Yilan Central enables both individual fun for kids as well as collaborative activity. The table which binds all the elements together also acts as a storage for kids’ toys.


Designer: Rajeev Dave

Duck swing-swim

[ Silver Award ]


Yilan features an agricultural method “Grow Rice with Ducks” which is super environment-friendly. The organic method will protect our land and the safety of food. It also provides the good environment to our offsprings. It is the spirit of Yilan which has to be followed.
The creation is inspired by the swimming view of ducks in paddy fields. The cute and pure eyes are the handles. When a kid is riding on it, the parents can have fun with their kid by stepping on the bars behind the water waves to swing the chair.




[ Bronze Award ]


The wonderful seaview of Yilan inspires this creation. The bench represents the waving surface of the sea. Kids can experence fun like playing in seawater when they sit on it. They can place the saucers of Turtle Island and the whale and dolphin toys freely to build their own seaview of Yilan! The saucer on the chair’s surface is just like the Turtle Island floating on the sea. Kids can place the dolphins on the bench and play throwing rings with their dolphins. There is a storage space below the chair’s surface. They can also save their toys arbitrarily that makes storage like playing in seawater. We also hope our creation will help children cultivate a good habit of storing objects.



Yilan Mountain Scenery

[ Excellent Work ]


Yilan, a hometown of fascinating landscapes has gorgeous natural environment. The still landscapes fascinate people inadvertently, and we can feel the atmosphere through the form of this creation. The mountain scenery has been depicted by lines, and the seats have been formed by clouds, the planes. The collars have been respresented the points which could help kids to train their eye-hand coordination. Our creation used the stunning scenery in Yilan. We depict the wonderful scenery in Yilan which allows the users to have the feeling of virtually being there.




[ Excellent Work ]


The Kavalan, the indigenous who live in Yilan call hunting as a special term “Cut the Grass”. In the Qutapan ceremony for celebrating victory after “Cut the Grass”, deers are usaually used to represent a lucky sign which symbolizes bumper harvests. The kids’ chair is inspired by deers, and we added the deer concept of Kavalan to symbolize luckiness and harvest. Besides the semiology, its back can be adjusted according to the kid’s height. It can be used to meassure kids’ height like a ruler which will enhance the interaction between users and the chair significantly. This chair will make users feel and experience the happiness brought by Kavalan culture through the repeated measurements.




[ Judges’ Choice ]


Turtle Island guards the Lanyang Plain. It is not only the landmark for people who come back to Yilan, but also the spiritual symbol for residents. Therefore the creation is inspired by the name of Turtle Island. We chose the homophone of the Taiwaness pronunciation “GOODO” as its title, and we simplfied the appearance of Tutle Island to develop its form. We uphold the idea that people would like to share those good things to their best friends, so we make the cushion become portable. Let kids experience “Joy shared with others are more enjoyed”. The design of arms makes kids could easily pull “Goodo” to everywhere they want to go.




[ Judges’ Choice ]


“The Mirage of Su’ao” is one of Eight View of Yilan indicates the reflection of boats and the sky on the ocean which is like illusive buildings. Some romantice people call it “mirage”.”Fisher” is inspired by the romantic story of “The Mirage of Su’ao”. The form is built up by a realistic boat and a reflective boat’s shadow. The illusive part is closely correlated with the realistic part. Speaking of the essence of chairs, the boat shape offers a comfortable curve and a natural cladding feeling. What we desire to bring is the best sitting experience for kids.


Designer: CHEN,PO-YEN

Stool of Shallot Fragrance

[ Judges’ Choice ]


The featured fragrance of Yilan, the fragrance of shallot, is expressed by compressing paper pulp and shallot leaves. The taste of Sansing green onion will be not only limited on our tongues, but also can be expressed by the visional and tactile feeling to create new experiences which makes kids get familiar with local materials with wonderful sensory experience and Yilan further. The materials will be applied to a new usage during the re-manufaturring. Low stools are easy to sit for kids, and joggle joints ensure its structural strength.



Warmness of Yilan

[ Judges’ Choice ]


In winter, to bite a warm “hot spring egg” and let the fluid yolk cover the tip of your tongue is really blissful experence. The yolk of this “chair of hot spring egg” is also a soft cushion. Kids will feel the blissful and warm experience when they sit on the chair.



Ox Tongue Biscuit Stool (Parent-child Stool)

[ Gold Award ]


The creation is inspired by ox-tongue biscuit, the popular Yilan food. When you enjoy the biscuit with daebete and overlook the wonderful view of the Lanyang Plain and the rustic people cultivated by the land, the golden wave of rice ear surrounds the paths in the middle of rice paddy. The happiness of parent-child time has become the curve of your smile which flies through the chair’s surface slightly and brightly. The wooden mosaic is just like the paddy-field ridge in the golden waves. It also represents the mutual memory of parent-child reading: 0.5 plus 0.5 to become perfect. We expect to sow the seeds in the dreamland of children, and wait for them growing up by parent-child reading. The unique two tooth-like bars of Parent-child Stool will provide a multifunctional storage space for placing puppets and picture books.



Mountains and Sea

[ Silver Award ]


The beauty of Yilan is from the mountain, from the sea, from the people, and from sharing.
We transformed the mountain range which marks the boundary of Yilan into a beautiful curve. The smooth line is just like the sea of clouds we see at the top of the mountain, and it has become the essence of this creation. The chair’s surface combines the coastline and the shape of the Lanyang Plain that freezes the time at the beautiful serendipity. Share the wonderful time to the persons you love.




[ Bronze Award ]


The creation is inspired by “Grow Rice with Ducks”. We chose the shape of ducks and transformed it into the simplest and the most modern shape to express. Its form makes itself be successful to merge into domestic living environment and would not be strange. The upper part of Chair of Rice & Ducks is not only the head of a such, but also a great unit to interact with users. It is suitable to be an arm or lie on it for a rest. It makes users interact with it naturally without any manner. The color is inspired by the swimming ducks crossing the rice paddy. The green of rice paddy and the yellow of ducks make a vivid color style and let the chair convey an ease feeling. We hope users can feel relaxing atmosphere at every sensory experience.



Finding Home

[ Excellent Work ]


Yilan is surrounded by mountains and close to the sea. The Lanyang Plain spreads from the mountainside. You will see Turtle Island if you overlook the sea. This land has cultivated colorful culture, and the valuable traditional craftsmanship.
The traditional banana weaving and ramie weaving are dyed by indigo dyeing. The essence of Yilan is conveyed by the collection of Kavalan’s totems and the representative colors of mountains and the sea. The modern form is matched the traditional craftsmanship in Yilan. It is a sincere hope of rehabilitating traditions into a brand-new appearance which will evoke more reactions against traditional art.




[ Excellent Work ]


There are beautiful mountains and sea in Yilan. Yilan has tasteful rice and seafood. We can join a whale watching tour to Turtle Island and pay a vist to the special submarine volcanoes. Additionally, there is a chosen place for surfers: Wushin Port.
People can feel the waving of the sea through their surfboards using their foot and bodies that makes them capable to ride on the waves and play with waves. It is just like the residents of Yilan who carefully feel the land and the sea to cultivate their own rustic landscapes and natural ingredients.
A surfing-lover would have his/her own soufboard and stories. We expect our SurfStool that could be like the surfboard. You can stand on it – like riding a wave. You can lie on it – feeling the surroundings with eyes closed. Ride on your own memory by sitting on SurfStool.



Tree Stool

[ Excellent Work ]


Yilan where is covered by forest, surrounded by mountains has wonderful scenery. The creation is inspired by the feature and combined with Wei Yingmu’s poem:
“By the stream the lonesome lush green grass to and fro sways;
Up in the deep woods nightingales are gaily singing.”
“Tree Stool” is expressing the mood of loving nature and good lifestyles. The chargeble “portable nightgale light” is standing on the branch which also shines the potted plants under the tree. The pine stool expresses the sense of environment protection, and brings natural warmness and vitality. It can not only be a shoe stool at your front door, but also can be shared with your family as a night light. It is also a good companion when you are reading, and a good place to have interactions with your kids.



Think, Settle, Absorb

[ Excellent Work ]


“Think” is visional highlight of offering different visions. The wooden grids have been set in different heights to represent the geographic feature of Turtle Island. If you watch it from a different sight, you can feel the featured aesthetic view of Yilan: clouds spread through the forest. “Settle” is a break between two behaviors. “Absorb” is the spaces between grids can be used to save books. The core concept of “Think, Settle, Absorb” is to have a connection to boundless knowledge by settling down yourself. The metaphor is easily learning limitless knowledge through surrounding by countless books.



Evergreen Boat

[ Judges’ Choice ]


The inspiration of “Evergreen Boat” is from the general image of Yilan’s people on fishing boats, and the care of elders. The curved form of the legs make people think of fishing boats. The form also makes the chair can swing forward and backward like a fishing vessel elegantly. The swinging also alleviates the burden on knees when the user needs to get up from the chair. For a more comfortable getting up, we designed the arms as curved forms to make them easier to pull themselves up. The concept is to alleviate the worry of getting up from the chair for old people.



The Vision of Wushih Port

[ Judges’ Choice ]


In summer, there are always numerous vistors who come to Wushih Harbor. They include parents with their children and surfers. People overlook the wonderful view of Turtle Island and enjoy the slow breeze here.
The creation is inspired by the enjoyable view of Wushih Harbor. It combines waves, the bottom of the sea, surfboards and Turtle Island. The chair makes people think of the bustling beach of Wushih Harbor when they use the chair. It makes people to feel like they are staying on the beach of Wushih Harbor!



Starfish Ottoman

[ Judges’ Choice ]


When people talk about the water activities in Yilan, the Tofu Cape in Nanfang’ao is the chosen place for snorkeling. In the azure ocean, there are colorful fish and rich coral reefs. I am an outdoor lover, nature enriches my creativity and has always been a source of inspiration. The sea creatures in Yilan, in particular, serve as my main inspiration for designing for the Starfish Ottoman. I like the charming complex inner bone structures beneath starfish’s beautiful appearance as I would like to further develop this idea into a stable structure for the ottoman. My design for this ottoman aims to bring a sense of playfulness to the environment it is used in, welcoming user interaction. In order to make the ottoman seems warm and user friendly, wood will be the primary material used.The features of Starfish Ottoman are playful, easy for disassembly and convenient to transport. It has multiple functions, such as a stool, a foot holder and a storage for books. It gives the users a new atmosphere in everyday living.