2018 Yilan Chair Design Competition | ABOUT
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The Yilan Chair International Design Award came about as a vehicle to convey the passion and hospitality of Yilan people as well as the natural beauty of the county’s mountain forests. Yilan County Government has linked the local natural features and living styles to fit the goals which Yilan County Government is striving for: a “children’s dreamland” and a “city of innovation” through the power of creative design. The Yilan Chair International Design Award was born for these purposes. The competition has also become the backbone of the local cultural and creative industry: a local design industry featuring furniture, stationary and toys.


The Yilan Chair International Design Award is a brand of design competition based on a city. In the past five years, more than 4,000 works registered, and in 2017 a new record was reached: the works came from as many as 35 countries. Through the competition, the participation of eminent designers all over the world, the design observation and learning activities, the outreach of the exhibitions, and the collaboration with elaborate traditional workmen and local wood industries, the competition has been elevated to a worldwide platform for the communication of professional designers and an eminent international brand of creative furniture design competition


Culture, environmental sustainability and tourism are the core spirit of Yilan County. The county government has established the unique Yilan experience by supporting cultural inheritance, sustainability and zero-carbon tourism industry. The International Yilan Chair Design Award will carry out the core concept of “Green Design and Forest Aesthetics ”, and we believe that design is the power of warmness which will bring happiness and changes to different group individually. The target issues have been expanded to cover “the respect and care of the multi-cultural society” and “the sustainability and the balance of the environment” and create a real sustainable living area, and the dreamland for living.


We are looking forward to designers who consistently discover features from local landscapes, living styles, folk festivals, traditional workmanship, natural materials, and manufacturing techniques and transfer these concepts into the “Seating Design” and “Seating Design for Children”. Natural and recyclable materials are used to the major materials of the creations that correlate to the spirit of Yilan: friendly interactions and sustainable harmony.

Advised by:

Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Yilan Country Government


Organized by:

Cultural Affairs Bureau

Yilan County

Lanyang Cultural and Educational Foundation

Co-organized by:

Education Department, Yilan County Government
National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute
Cultural Creative Industry Association (CCIA)
Yilan County Lanyang Museum
Taiwan Designers’ Web
Taiwan Furniture Manufacturers’ Association
Taiwan Furniture Properties Association (TFPA)
Yilan Furniture Commercial Association
Furniture Foundation, HDG
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Implemented by:

Blue Dragon Art Company