2018 Yilan Chair Design Competition | REGISTRATION INFO
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1. On-line registration only.

Please visit the 2018 Yilan Chair International Design Award official website for the competition regulations and the related information:


2. Registration Deadline and Primary Review

(1).Registration Deadline:

Registration page of the 2018 Yilan Chair InternationalDesign Awardofficial website will be openedfrom July 23to August23, 2018. The deadline is 5pm(local time in Taiwan), August23, 2018.



Please find the registration page on the 2018 Yilan Chair International Design Award official website and register to proceed the qualification evaluation.

※Recommended browsersand operation systems:

IE11+, Chrome, Firefox, iOS 9+, and Android 6+


(3) Guideline of Submissions:

(a). Please submit your works and finish all registration processes before the deadline. Any unfinished records will be recognized as “unable to meet the deadline”. Please submit your works as soon as possible.

(b). Any documents unable to meet the deadline or which do not accord with competition regulations will become unqualified.


(4) Documents shouldbe submitted in accordance with the form ordained below:

  1. Statement of Participation
  2. Choosing a category: Seating Design for Children (Group A) or Seating Design (Group B)
  1. Participant(s): Individual/Group
  1. Names of all the participants
  2. Titles of the entry works
  3. Dimensions of works (in centimeters)
  4. Designed for users from age__ to age__
  5. Design concepts (150 words limited)
  6. Materials and techniques applied
  7. Diagrams:

Plans, Cross-sections, 3-D simulations, Three-view drawings, and Sample Work diagrams (explaining the manufacturing processes) among other diagrams are acceptable for presenting the design precisely and perfectly. The diagrams must be clear and easy to understand.

. Both hand drawing and computer printout are acceptable.

. Format limitation: 1 main diagram only, and 6 supplementary diagrams at most.

(1920x1080px size and JPG format required, both portrait and landscape orientations are acceptable. RGB color mode, and each file should not be bigger than 2MB. Please pay attention on the pictures’ resolution to prevent any blurry issues of your works.)

  1. Recommended price (in NTD)
  2. Price explanation: Items, Prices, Counts, Total Value (in price), and Notes

3. Final Review and Selection

  Submission deadline: Before 5pm, Oct 15(Mon.), 2018 (local time in Taiwan)


Requirements: If the submissions pass primaryreview, the submissionswill enter final review and selection.A design mockup of each submission is required to be delivered, and we subsidize each mockup NT$8,000. The ratio between the mockup and the real work should be 1:1.


Delivery: Each mockup of submission can be delivered via mail or in person by the submission deadline (service hours: 9am to 5pm).



Applications: Service Office, Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park (No. 8, Sec. 3, Zhongxing Rd, Wuchieh Township, Yilan County)


Contact Email: ycdaward2018@gmail.com

4. Notice


  • Confirming eligibility: All works, electronic files and written submissions will be examined. The qualifications of all registered participants and work details must accord with stipulated regulations. If a participant violatesregistration or document submission regulations, the participant will be disqualified.


  • Please carefully check all submissions before submission/ In the event that any submission is found to be not in accordance with stipulated regulations, incomplete, inaccurate, forged, altered, or to contain incomplete work diagrams etc.,the organizers reserve the right to not consider thiswork and thisdecision cannot be challenged.


  • Participating individuals/teams are required to cover all delivery costs for submitted works for the duration of the competition and all transportation costs involved in attending the final evaluation and delivering a report to the jury panel.


  • Participants are responsible for all protective measures taken to ensure works are not damaged during delivery for the final evaluation. A sturdy packaging case is recommended with packing filler. In the event that a work is submitted without completelypackaging,the organizers reserve the right to not accept it or returnittothesender. Ifa work is damaged as a result of poor production or delivery which makes it cannot be evaluated, the organizers are not liable for indemnity

5. Selection


  1. Formation of the Jury
  • The competition consists of primary review and final review. The tasks of selection are served by professionals from related industries, academia and public sector. The formation of the jury will be announced before the primary review.
  • Primary review will be conducted by 7 local judges, and the final review will be presided by 9 judges from Taiwan and the world.
  • Under the circumstance that no submitted works are deemed to have reached the selection criteria of the competition, the jury shall vacate the award. Submitters should not object the jury’s decision.
  1. Primary Review
  • Document submission: Before 5pm, Aug 23 (Thurs), 2018 (local time in Taiwan)
  • The outcome of the primary review will be announced in mid-September, 2018 on the official website of the Competition, Facebook, and the webpage of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Yilan County Government. Submitters entering the final review will be notified by email or telephone.
  • There will be at most30finalists selected from Group A and Group B.


  1. Final Review and Selection

(1) Submission deadline: Before 5pm, Oct 15 (Mon.), 2018(local time in Taiwan)

(2) Each finalist will make a five-minute presentation. The presentation should include work title, design concept, creative application of materials, special features and how the design is to respond to the selection criteria. Overseas finalists unable to deliver a presentation in person can send a five minute video in advance to be played during the final selection panel. The video must be either in English or Chinese with subtitles.

(3)  Venue of final review and selection: Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park, Yilan

(4)  Announcement of winners and awards ceremony: 2pm, Oct. 27, 2018(Sat).

6. Marketing and Promotion


  1. The organizers will hold an awards ceremony for prize winners.
  2. The organizers will select prize winners for domestic and overseas fairs/expos
  3. The organizers will, depending on the situation, act as a platform facilitating contacts between prize winners and product manufacturers, and offering assistance with the development of mass production operations.
Timetable (Taiwan time)
Document Submission &

Open Period of Registration Website

July 23 (Mon) – Aug 23 (Thurs), 2018
Finalist Announcement Mid-Sep, 2018  Announcement of works entering final review
Professional Design Workshops Sep 15 (Sat), 10am-4pm  Nominee only
Mockup Submissions Before 5pm, Oct 15 (Mon), 2018
Final Review & Selection Oct 17 (Wed) 2018
Award Ceremony Oct 27 (Sat) 2018 Winner Announcement Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park
Exhibition of Selected Works Oct 27-Dec 4, 2018 (provisional) Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park

* In the event of changes to the schedule, the latest information will be available on the official competition website.

7.        Rights and Obligations of Participants


  1. Once a work wins a prize, the economic rights to related images and text belong to the organizer. Participants are required to sign a “Competition Declaration” granting the organizers the right to use these for collection, marketing, transfers, announcements, publishing, reproduction, copying, public or online display, and all other economic rights related uses, with no limits placed on time, quantity or methods.
  1. The intellectual property rights to every award winning work belong to the creator. However, said creator agrees to give the organizers the right to gratis use in perpetuity, to be able to introduce firms and engage in priority product development and official product sales. For those works that do become official products, the organizers will sign an additional formal contract with participants, detailing profit sharing, rights and liabilities.
  2. The copyright of each completed work belongs to the participant/team. To prevent future disputes, team members should clarify copyright trading andtheir relationship (authorization/licensing) on their own. These responsibilities should be agreed by contract in advance. The organizer shall not get involved.



8.       Announcements and Statement for Participants


  1. Organizers:
  • The organizers reserve the right to revise the timetable for registration and document submission if it is deemed necessary.
  • If a situation arises that is not addressed in the competition regulations, the organizers reserve the final right of revision. Such amendments will be posted on the organizer’s official website and there will be no further notification.


  1. Participating works:
  • All participating works must be original, never previously made public or sold. They must also not be imitations or infringe on the intellectual property rights of a third party. If a prize winning work is later accused and confirmed as having violated rules governing the evaluation process, plagiarism or imitation, the organizers will reconvene the original jury panel which will meet with related legal consultants to discuss an appropriate response. Where necessary, the offending participant will be disqualified and asked to return any cash prize and certificate awarded. The participating work registration form stipulates that participants are not permitted to submit works to the competition for a period of three years. In the event that a participant is accused of infringing the intellectual property rights of a third party legal liability falls exclusively on the participant.
  • One work should be submitted to only one Group, either Group A or Group B.
  • Participating works and documentation must be sent to the address indicated by the organizers before the designated deadline. If a submitted work is incomplete or violates competition regulations, the organizers reserve the right to not accept it or have it returned to sender.


  1. Participants:
  • All participants should first read related information to ensure they understand the various regulations and requirements of the competition and are willing to adhere to said rules.
  • In order to ensure the intellectual property rights of participants are fully protected, it is recommended that finalists should first apply for copyright or patent protection before submitting mockups as part of the final evaluation. If works are copied by a third party as a result of taking part in the competition or exhibition, the organizers do not accept any legal liability to pay compensation.
  • Participants must not seek to entreaty, lobby, entice, threaten or engage in any other behavior designed to interfere with the jury panel members or their work.


  1. Prize winners:
  • Participants registered as a team must designate a representative to receive any prize. As to receiving prize money and its allocation among team members, that should be agreed beforehand and said agreement followed. At the same time, prize winners are also required to pay tax on their winnings in accordance with the Republic of China Income Tax Law. Competition regulations stipulate that the members of prize winning groups receive a single certificate.
  • The organizers are authorized to use final evaluation works and images thereof free of charge for purposes of organizing related promotional activities or in concert with media reports etc. The organizers can also use the final evaluation mockups, work descriptions and photographs for exhibition, marketing and publishing purposes. Participants should proactively cooperate with marketing and promotional events.
  • In order to facilitate future competition related marketing and promotional work, the mockups nominated for the final are the property of the organizers and will not be returned.


9.  2018 Yilan Chair International Design Award Taskforce Contact Information

  • Address: Blue Dragon Art Company – No. 127, Section 1, Dihua Street, Datong District, Taipei City
  • TEL: (+886)2-7730-8830#2030or #2020(Ms. Wu) (servicehours:930am – 6pm, Mon to Fri)
  • Email: ycdaward2018@gmail.com